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Dogs in Puglia Need Our Help!

Look at that face!  Sweet dog trapped in the municipal shelter in Fasano.

Ciao Amici! 

When I quit my job, sold my house, and moved from Los Angeles to Italy, I did so knowing that my “retirement” would be short-lived.  I wanted to find out what the next chapter of my life would bring.  And I was determined that in one way or another I would make a difference for animals.

It took about a nanosecond for me to connect with the animal rescue community here in Fasano (Puglia). And to learn how much they needed the world to know what is going on here and how the animals of this town are being betrayed.  You can learn more and also add your voice by going to our petition

The wonderful volunteers of Quattrozampe Nel Cuore Fasano work tirelessly with scant resources and little support from the government to improve the lives of animals.  And when Rebecca visited me here and we observed what is happening, we knew that one of our first projects would be to help them. Watch for the Lights, Camera, Animals! Season 1 episode in Fasano to see how we will shine a light on their work, how we confront the injustices being perpetrated by the government and how you can help.

Un abbraccio,