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Animal Time: The Importance of Being Vegan

Vegan Green Coconut Curry
Ciao!  Tracey here. I just got back to Italy after a whirlwind trip to London and by far the best part of my trip was the food. (Seeing good friends came in a close second, but don’t tell them that.) The UK has really emerged as a leader in the development and distribution of vegan food and I’m one happy traveler as a result.
One of my must-dos when I'm traveling is researching ahead of time the vegan or vegan-friendly options in the cities I am visiting. And I make it a point to try them as soon as possible after I arrive...just in case I want to go more than once. On this trip my favorite discovery was Wulf and Lamb, just off Sloane Square.  Check it out ( next time you’re in London! And please feel free to leave a message here if you’d like additional recommendations. I pretty much ate my way through a three-day visit.
Vegan Open Burrito
You know, when Rebecca and I founded Animal Time, LLC we agreed on a few guiding principles that would be non-negotiable for the company.  And one of them, in the spirit of “do no harm”, was that all our productions would be, to the extent possible, vegan,  (Our crews eat vegan food, we use and promote only cruelty-free products, etc.)  Knowing that our travels while shooting Lights, Camera, Animals! would take us to parts of the world not traditionally known for progressive attitudes in that area, we thought we might find ourselves challenged.  But we have been pleasantly surprised. The amount and diversity of vegan food available is growing every day in some unexpected places. It’s still far from perfect (some of my older Italian neighbors look at me like I have a third eye when I say I don't eat meat), but certainly trending in the right direction. Good for us! Good for the animals! Good for the planet!

We will continue to strive, through both the creation of our entertainment content and the way we live our lives, to advocate for all animals, without exception, including those currently raised for food.
Watch this space for some new ideas we have in development for programming in this area.

Un abbraccio!

P.S. I am always taken aback when I meet companion animal rescuers who are not vegan. How can you have so much compassion for and dedicate your life to the welfare of dogs, cats, horses, etc. and not extend that compassion to farmed animals who think, feel and suffer the same way.  I look forward to hearing any thoughts you have on this subject.